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Rachel Pallante is a full-time actor & teaching artist based in Austin, TX. Her work has been featured in National Commercials and Network Television Series. She made her Co-Star debut with Bob Odenkirk in ‘Better Call Saul’ and won the 2022 ADDY Award for Radio & Television. Rachel can be seen performing Live around town and is known for her musical-comedy sketches and characters she creates for YouTube. A curious artist and even more curious human, she likes to make people laugh and share stories with wit.

Fresh off her One Woman Show debut, captivating sold-out audiences. Rachel is ready to 'take the road on the show' and share what audiences are calling “A psychedelic blend of absurdity, dark humor, and Camp.”

Rachel is eagerly submitting “Miss. Adventure: A Musical Comedy” to esteemed performing arts festivals worldwide, including the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland and the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Sydney. Stay tuned for updates and discover how you can be apart of her Trip.

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